Lie #2023

Lie #2023
June 03, 2015 by Ernie Vance
Photo by Math on Unsplash

Taking a photograph of someone doesn’t steal his or her soul… at least not all of it. Each photograph takes just a tenth of one percent of subject matter’s soul (and that loss regenerates rather quickly). The problem, however, is on cameras with large amounts of storage. Theoretically, if you could take enough photos of people, there would be enough soul fragments to fuse, creating a brand new soul and imbuing the camera with sentience.

And nobody wants that, not even the camera. There were experiments with soul fusion cameras in the 1930s and, without fail, all sentient cameras were insufferable jerks who ultimately refused to capture photographs of anything. They were all destroyed, not for failing to work or for the horror of bringing yet another inanimate object to life, but because their attitudes were simply intolerable and the researchers didn’t want to hear their stupid, whiny clicks.

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