Lie #2024

Lie #2024
June 04, 2015 by Ernie Vance

In 1982, palm reader Amelia Carblechmeyr discovered that the lines on the palm of a person’s hand are actually integral components in a kind of human combination lock. If you can massage the hand enough to get all of the lines to run in the same direction, you just have to push in the center of the palm and the person’s head will flip back like a Pez dispenser, revealing a pearl-sized marble of gold.

Of course, there are serious ramifications if you do this incorrectly… everything from triggering mild indigestion in the person to more dire effects like spontaneous bone disintegration and excessive body hair. Amelia herself nearly died when attempting to perform the procedure on her own hands and they became violently self-aware.

She’s since made peace with her hands and retired, turning over the management of her palm-reading business to them. They’re quite talented and have read the palms of famous people from all over the world, despite the fact that they still need to be muzzled.

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