Lie #2109

Lie #2109
August 27, 2015 by Ernie Vance

No one has ever legitimately hit an out of the park home run in baseball.

In the 1920s, the technology to teleport objects was accidentally invented by a small group of hot dog vendors. Unfortunately, there were some restrictions. It wasn’t so much teleportation as it was a fast swap of mass between two locations. For this reason, teleportations could only be done with hand-sized objects for relatively short distances. They failed to attain their dream of having an instant means of teleporting hot dogs into the hands of ball park attendees (early experiments ended with people who had to live the rest of their lives with hot dogs for hands).

However, a few baseball team owners caught wind of these experiments and realized that they could use it to swap a slow-moving baseball with one moving at a higher velocity. And by swapping a baseball mid-air, there would be no danger of hand loss. So by doing these swaps, they could raise the excitement of the game by giving the appearance of more intricate trick pitches and generating out of the park home runs.

Amazingly, the technology has not advanced beyond that point in all the years since its invention. This is why most people today don’t know about it.

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