Why I Lie

Why I Lie

Even at the best of times, our world is filled with misinformation and falsehoods parading as truth. At the worst of times, it’s disinformation and misdirection. We live in a time where everyone is throwing out statements of “fake news”, soundbites out of context, and reports that bend truth like its made of putty.

What if you didn’t suspect the information you were getting was false? What if you knew it?

Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

That’s the service I offer. In a time where you can’t be sure of anything, I can give you an assurance that no one else can. I can promise you lies.

These are lies worth sharing. They’re amusing falsehoods that serve as a safe primer for your brain. They harden your mental armor and skeptism when everyone else in the world is trying to convince you that their version of the truth is the right one.

Share these lies. Make up your own. Be amused by how many people believe you. And strengthen their mental armor by showing that no one can be trusted with the truth.

No, but really, why?

I’m a writer. Making up stuff is what I do. Even my name is made up. Twice.

The fountain of ideas is sourced from a well that never runs dry. It overflows and can’t be contained. It needs an outlet. For me, this is one of them. It may seem ridiculous… and I’m not necessarily saying that every idea that springs from this infinite well is a great one. However, possibilities lie in implausibility. I truly believe that. We test what we know by stating the absurd and then questioning whether it really is. Some of the greatest breakthroughs in history were considered categorically false and impossible just a short time before they changed the world. Maybe I’m just doing my part to help that.

Besides, I’m told that every time someone says something never said before, it brings us one step closer to the end of the universe. That’s progress, right?

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